Rose Gold

To add strength to pure gold, a dense metal that shines yellow in colour, gold must be combined (alloyed) with other metals.

Rose gold starry night0Rose Gold

Pure gold is 24 carats, which is a very soft and malleable metal with an attractive yellow colour and lustre. In it’s purest form, gold is difficult to work with as it is too soft to safely hold precious stones.

To add strength to pure gold, a dense metal that shines yellow in colour, gold must be combined (alloyed) with other metals. This alloying can also maintain the yellow gold colour or change the colour of the gold to a whiter or rose colour.

All 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold and the other 25% includes alloys that add strength and colour to the gold. The additional 25% is a formula that varies between cultures and gold manufacturers. Common alloys used in18 carat gold include;

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All 9 carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold. Common alloys used in 9 carat gold include;


The natural colour of white gold tends to be a greyish colour, so to achieve a whiter finish white gold jewellery is plated with a precious metal called rhodium. Part of the palladium group of metals, rhodium is very hard and gives white gold its bright, white colour. In the event that the rhodium plating eventually wears off it can easily be re-plated.


Bubble2Rose gold has been created since ancient times and following the smelting process, gold frequently became a reddish colour and many texts from the Middle Ages describe gold as red.

Rose gold jewellery remains a firm favourite year on year. There isn’t a season that goes by without rose gold being featured on the catwalk or red carpets around the world. The wonderful warm hue is strikingly stylish and radiant against skin tones. Rose gold is a popular choice to set the diamonds of celebrity engagement rings (where 5 carats is the norm), and rose gold watches are among the most sought after colour in luxury Swiss watch collections.

London Road Jewellery use rose gold among their many classic and contemporary jewellery collections. Used to set diamonds, pearls, rubies, amethyst and many other beautifully coloured stones. The London Road Jewellery Bubble Multi gem collection is one of the most sought after on the high street. Brightly coloured cabouchon cut gems are set in 9 carat rose gold to create fabulous rings, earrings, pendant necklaces and a striking cuff bracelet.