Ring Size Guide

There are several ways to check your size before you buy.

You can order one of our Free Ring Sizers.

However, the most accurate way is to visit a Jewellers.

Below is a guide if you are buying for somebody else or want to measure your ring at home. Simply measure the finger you are buying for.

We have compiled a table with ring size measurements to help you find the right size:

Ring Size(UK)         Measurement(mm)  

A- 37.8mm

B- 39.1mm

C- 40.4mm

D- 41.7mm

E- 42.9mm

F- 44.2mm

G- 45.5mm

H- 46.8mm

I- 48.0mm

J- 48.7mm

K- 50.0mm

L- 51.2mm

M- 52.5mm

N- 53.8mm

O- 55.1mm

P- 56.3mm

Q- 57.6mm

R- 58.9mm

S- 60.2mm

T- 61.4mm

U- 62.7mm

V- 64.0mm

W- 65.3mm

X- 66.6mm

Y- 67.8mm

Z- 68.5mm

Will my ring size vary depending on the style of ring?

 A ring that has a deep band width will need to be slightly larger than your normal rings.