Ring Size Guide

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There are several ways to check your size before you buy. The most accurate is to visit a Jewellers. Below is a guide if you are buying for somebody else or want to measure your ring at home. Simply measure the finger you are buying for.

We have compiled a table with ring size measurements to help you find the right size:

Ring Size(UK)         Measurement(mm)  

A- 37.8mm

B- 39.1mm

C- 40.4mm

D- 41.7mm

E- 42.9mm

F- 44.2mm

G- 45.5mm

H- 46.8mm

I- 48.0mm

J- 48.7mm

K- 50.0mm

L- 51.2mm

M- 52.5mm

N- 53.8mm

O- 55.1mm

P- 56.3mm

Q- 57.6mm

R- 58.9mm

S- 60.2mm

T- 61.4mm

U- 62.7mm

V- 64.0mm

W- 65.3mm

X- 66.6mm

Y- 67.8mm

Z- 68.5mm

Will my ring size vary depending on the style of ring?

 A ring that has a deep band width will need to be slightly larger than your normal rings.