Graduated Pearl Stud Earrings in Gold



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Graduated Pearl Stud Earrings in Gold

These elegant pearl stud earrings in gold feature two creamy freshwater pearls in a rich gold setting. Pearls are the only gems that require no faceting or polishing to reveal their beauty, suiting a timeless, natural look.

Birthstone for the month of June, pearls were one of the favourite gems of the Roman Empire and later in Tudor England, and have retained their regal associations through the years.

A classic addition to any outfit, these are the perfect finishing touch for a bride or bridesmaid. Creamy pearls offset an ivory dress perfectly, and rich yellow gold is the classic choice for a timeless look on your special day.

Classic pearls are believed to bring peacefulness to the wearer, make them calmer, and promote purity, faith, and loyalty – perhaps that’s also why they’re the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. 

Our ethical London jewellery is designed and hand-finished in the UK in our own London Road workshops, using traditional craftsmanship perfected over some 70 years of jewellery making.



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