Stunning Yellow Gold Snake Earrings



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Yellow Gold Snake Earrings With Ruby Eyes

London Road Jewellery’s Kew Serpent Collection is inspired by lovely Victorian snake jewellery. From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, whose engagement ring was in the form of a snake, serpents have featured in jewellery designs for centuries as a quirky symbol of transformation, eternal love, and wisdom.

These fabulous solid gold earrings have a textured rich, golden yellow finish. They’re set with dazzling red ruby eyes and the hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold carries on right through the posts and butterfly fittings.

Rich ruby is known as a stone symbolising passion, happiness and strength – its durability makes it a protective stone, whilst its rich colour evokes royalty and prestige. It’s said to inspire romantic devotion – and traditionally given to mark the 40th wedding anniversary – as well as evoking passion and courage.

Our most prized precious metal, rich yellow gold has long been associated with the warm energy of the sun. In Christian mythology gold symbolises virtue, as well as being a symbol of our quest for perfection – embodied in the alchemist’s endless quest to turn other metals into precious gold. Gold has traditionally been used in wedding rings to symbolise loyalty and strength, and is the traditional gift to mark a 50th wedding anniversary.

Despite their royal roots, the Yellow Gold Ruby Snake Hoop Earrings are the perfect everyday accessory, worn with jeans. Or dress up an outfit for a more formal occasion with the matching necklace, ring and bangle.

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Our ethical London jewellery is designed and hand-finished in the UK in our own London Road workshops, using traditional craftsmanship perfected over some 70 years of jewellery making.