White Gold Zig Zag Diamond Necklace



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White Gold Zig Zag Diamond Necklace

Electrifying! The geometric shape of this zig zag diamond necklace makes a bold geometric statement, bringing out the 22 dazzling brilliant cut diamonds clustered in the white gold setting.

As the hardest substance in the world, diamonds have come to represent everlasting love, and their precious sparkle is a surefire choice for a breathtaking gift. They were first given as engagement rings in the Renaissance, when they were considered the pinnacle of romantic intent, and are still used to mark 60th wedding anniversaries. Symbolising strength and purity, they’re the birthstone associated with April and have been prized throughout history.

A contemporary take on classic diamonds, the brilliance of bright white gold and sparkling stones makes this a striking design that’s sure to turn heads.

Echo the geometric “lightning bolt” shape with the matching white gold diamond earrings, and our white gold diamond bracelet for a special occasion.

Our ethical London jewellery is designed and hand-finished in the UK in our own London Road workshops, using traditional craftsmanship perfected over some 70 years of jewellery making.

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