Looking Stylish in the Rain

Rain is a very tempting reason to wrap up and stay indoors on a rainy day.

Raindrop 1Rain is a very tempting reason to wrap up and stay indoors on a rainy day, but in the UK we have more than our share of wet days so we have to brave the weather and step outside. A bit of drizzle or even a downpour is no excuse to look unstylish and there is nothing like looking fabulous to lift your spirits.

A crisp-fitting trench coat is an all time favourite, year on year. This classic coat is perfect for wet weather and works as well over a cocktail dress as it does with jeans and boots. Opt for classic colours such as camel or black in a water repellent fabric.





Raindrop 30As the temperatures drop, don’t overdress and look hot and flustered. Wear a cotton T-shirt with cashmere knitwear and layer up to keep toasty warm.  Accessorise with a gorgeous scarf and jewellery to add some colour and sparkle to those grey days. London Road Jewellery hold a beautiful collection of jewellery perfect for accessorizing on a rainy day. The raindrop collection includes gemstones in fabulous colours, blue topaz, lime green peridot and a chocolaty smoky quartz. The elegant long multigem necklace has stones set in a warm rose gold, perfect for flattering any skin tone, come rain or shine. The collection also includes matching stud earrings and drop earrings.





Raindrop 21Invest in a good umbrella with an interesting cane or wooden handle that will withstand a blustery day. You don’t want a flimsy umbrella that will crumple at the first breeze. Look fabulously stylish whilst holding tight to your umbrella with a raindrop ring. The rose gold ring has sparkling gemstones in a rose gold rub over setting with barked textured shoulders.

If you want a contemporary finish to your rainy day look, the raindrop collection is also available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold studded with sparkling diamonds. The diamond raindrop collection is a jewellery box classic, whatever the weather.