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A stunning collection of yellow, white and rose gold jewellery set with a variety of gorgeous semi-precious and precious cut gemstones, including cushion amethysts, chequer cut blue topaz and oval lemon quartz. A real variety of colour to mix and match any outfit day or night. Bloomsbury Cocktail - Created around a non-calibrated oval shape, gems are specially cut into long thin ovals to reflect the current appetite for large rings. Set into yellow gold they have a lightweight frame to keep the gold cost reasonable and highly polished bezels to create a more dramatic look. Bloomsbury Tassel - Sparkling strings of black diamond beads and the use of Tassels in the fashion world were the inspiration for the Portobello black diamond Tassels. Stockists so loved the Tassel look, London Road then took inspiration from the 1920's long sautoir necklace and created 34 inch long Tassel necklaces in garnet, labradorite and black onyx for the Bloomsbury collection. Bloomsbury Carnival - long multi-gemstone necklaces reflecting the colour and fun of summer. Available in three colourways the collection features oval and pear-shape chequer-board cut amethyst, green amethyst, lemon quartz, pink tourmaline, green chalcedony and peridot as well as smoky quartz, all set in rich 9 carat yellow gold. Bloomsbury Coronation - This stunning collection have round chequer-board cut blue topaz, amethyst and garnets set in a 9 carat white and yellow gold crown setting. The shoulders of the ring have a striking raised beading. Bloomsbury Meridian - sliding circle pendants and bracelets created in yellow, rose and white gold set with rubies, sapphires and tsavorite garnets.

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