9ct Rose Gold Ruby Circle Pendant



Rose gold ruby pendant with a distinctive circle design for the perfect accessory and a stunning gift. 16 rich rubies set into 9ct rose gold hanging from an adjustable gold chain.

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Meridian Ruby Rose Gold Pendant

This spinning circle pendant features 16 rich red rubies set in warm rose gold to bring out the deep red tones of these carefully selected stones. The distinctive circle design complements the dazzling rubies and makes this the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Perfect for layering with other necklaces, this demi-fine piece will also stand out on its own. Combine with the matching ring and spinning circle bracelet, also featuring brilliant rubies.

Rich ruby is known as a stone symbolising passion, happiness and strength – its durability makes it a protective stone, whilst its rich colour evokes royalty and prestige. It’s said to inspire romantic devotion, passion and courage. Traditionally given to mark the 40th wedding anniversary.

Our ethical London jewellery is designed and hand-finished in the UK in our own London Road workshops, using traditional craftsmanship perfected over some 70 years of jewellery making.



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