Simply Stacked by MissBudgetBeauty

I have never been a massive fan of lots of jewellery, I have collected pieces over the years that have been trendy and what I thought I should be wearing but ultimately my style is very simple, delicate and fuss free. I am someone that takes off a watch and doesn’t put it on again for another week.. and so I am someone who never takes off her watch. Same goes for jewellery. I wear my wedding bands and my arrow necklace every single day and so anything I now add to my collection has to mix and match with those pieces. I tend to choose rings that will stack or bracelets that are elasticated, I rarely put on jewellery for just a night and so it has to be silver or gold and nothing that catches on fabrics or my hair! I may seem picky but at 31 I know what I like and what I’ll actually wear, I like detail but nothing too chunky or bling and this diamond ring from Jewel Street ticks all of my boxes!
Just a touch of sparkle with some faux stacking interest and more than a little similar in style to my engagement ring. I love the vintage feel of marquis shapes in jewellery. This piece is from London Road however Jewel Street have so many designers, there’s definitely something for all tastes and budgets. Lucy and Mui have some really beautiful, simple designs and I love Freida Rothman’s style.. bold but somehow still informal and pieces you could wear with anything.
As with my wardrobe, as I grow older I become pickier with my accessories. I want a smaller collection of pieces I love rather than as many as I can fit in a drawer. JewelStreet has a great selection of designers from all over the world and is the perfect place to start if you’re considering building a capsule of eclectic items or looking for gift inspiration.