Raindrop Multi Gem Rose Gold Necklace



  • Hallmarked 9-carat rose gold
  • 5mm settings of blue topaz, peridot and smoky quartz
  • Diamond cut 18″ chain
  • From our Pimlico Collection
  • Mix and match with a pair of matching drop earrings, available in blue topaz, peridot and smoky quartz.
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Multi-coloured Raindrop Rose Gold Gem Necklace

From the London Road Jewellery Pimlico Raindrop Collection comes this stunning 18 inch multi coloured rose gold gem necklace. You’ll love its handmade delicacy and exquisite stones in vibrant hues.

The diamond-cut chain in soft rose gold is interspersed with six sparkling stones: blue topaz, green peridot and smoky quartz.

This delicate necklace is perfect for layering. To complete the look mix and match the drop earrings, available in blue topaz, peridot and smoky quartz.

Durable quartz is considered to have powerful properties, notably to amplify and manifest one’s intentions. It’s said that leaving quartz crystals to “charge” in the light of a full moon increases their metaphysical qualities!

Indigenous cultures from the Ancient Celts to Aboriginal Australians and Native Americans have held these stones as sacred, and their unique qualities make them a stunning addition to this carefully crafted design.

Our ethical London jewellery is designed and hand-finished in the UK in our own London Road workshops, using traditional craftsmanship perfected over some 70 years of jewellery making.



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