Handmade Yellow Gold Turquoise Blossom December Birthstone Pendant



  • Birthstone for the month of December
  • Hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold
  • From our Blossom Birthstone Collection
  • 9 carat yellow gold adjustable 16”-18” chain
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Stylish December Birthstone Necklace

One of the first gemstones ever to be mined, some turqouise jewellery can be dated back as more than 3000 years old.

Turquoise gets its vibrant blue colour from the iron and copper within it. Persian turquoise was brought to Europe by the Turks and so the name Turquoise was derived from the word “Turkish”.

The birthstone is a gemstone given to each month of the year.
The origin of the birthstone started thousand of years ago, and is said to hold magical powers to protect the wearer.

From our popular Blossom Birthstone Collection, this brightly coloured turquoise is 5mm in diameter and in a 1.5cm wide, 9 carat yellow gold, flower shaped setting, with a 16/18 inch 9 carat adjustable yellow gold chain.
Hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold.

Means fortune, friendship, happiness and peace.
The turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones and varies in colour from a greenish blue to a robins egg-blue.

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