London Road: The story behind the jewellery

Among those in the know, London Road stands not only for its modern, vintage-inspired designs, but for the attention to detail and commitment to the highest quality of workmanship that makes us a truly artisan brand.

Our London workshop is a hub for the talented craftspeople who bring our designs to life and make sure that they not only look fabulous, they’re guaranteed to last and last – to be loved by the wearer today and for decades to come.

The rose cut diamonds in this beautiful pendant are hand selected and cut using a technique commonly used in Victorian times, giving them their incredible twinkle by candlelight and a really special vintage feel.

Large Gold Diamond Star Pendant

We use a mixture of traditional and modern processes to craft this piece, culminating with the striking black rhodium finish that really makes the gems twinkle and stand out.

So what’s the secret of our prestigious reputation, in a world where so much wearable jewellery is mass-produced, cheaply made, and imported from factories where speed and cost cutting takes precedence over quality workmanship and attention to detail?

We’re proud to be a third-generation family-run business, and our charismatic founder – the grandfather of Ed and Suzanne, current leaders of the business – exemplified the values which set us apart today.

During World War Two, his skills were put to good use making the dials on Spitfire planes, a task which required impeccable attention to detail and the finest workmanship.

His sons – the father and uncles of the current leaders of the business – were brothers who were also gifted jewellers, as well as being passionate about antique jewellery and vintage designs. Together they fostered a love of gemstones and materials that the current generation of London Road jewellers, Suzanne and Ed, share.

Now, with a qualified gemologist in house, the brand has become synonymous with brilliantly coloured gemstones and the finest materials. We blend the newest, cutting-edge jewellery making techniques with traditional hand finishing to create our signature collections, named after areas of London in recognition of our roots in the metropolis.

This peacock pendant looks from a distance like it’s covered with pavé set diamonds, but in fact the design was painstakingly crafted by one of our incredibly talented jewellers in intricate bead work. The black rhodium finish is set off with a blue zircon, an unusual stone that’s more commonly seen in vintage jewellery pieces. We love it for its incredibly lustre and  striking hue.

The combination of vintage inspiration, delicate workmanship honed over seven decades of perfecting our craft and quality materials makes for a stunning finish, like these lattice earrings from our Portobello collection:

Drawing inspiration from the finely crafted heritage iron work seen on the stylish residences in and around Portobello Road, the seventeen tiny diamonds sparkle in their intricate setting. The heritage of our city, our business and our family expressed in the finest quality workmanship – it’s a legacy that anyone who buys and loves a piece of London Road jewellery can be proud to be a part of.