Five Favourite: Style Staples

This year I’ve really tried to focus on creating content on That New Dress which spotlights style investments rather than throw-away fashion. In a day an age of pyjamas worn to the supermarket (we’ve all been guilty of it!) and Yeezy inspired “destroyed” clothes, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the great style icons, such as the exceptionally elegant Audrey Hepburn and stunning Grace Kelly.
Trends will come and go but style is forever. I thought I’d share my 5 style staples which are easy to follow and work universally for everyone.
1) A Smile
One of the few things in life which is free and can instantaneously transform you is a smile. Never underestimate the power of a smile and the ability it has to make you and everyone around you feel so much better!
2) Pearls
Gone are the days when strings of pearls were associated with ladies in their 60s in a pastel coloured twin set. Instead, they’ve been redefined to be the pinnacle of impeccable style.
London Road Jewellery is trailblazing fine jewellery design by taking traditional elements, such as pearls, 9ct gold and gemstones, to create timeless and highly wearable creations. It’s the versatility in their pieces and the fact that you’ll be able to wear them for a lifetime that makes them so special. Read more about London Road’s rich heritage in a previous post HERE.
If you’re still reluctant to embrace the classic white pearl, then coloured ones are a great way to go. My absolute favourite is London Road’s bronze pearl in a rose gold setting and not just because I’m a rose gold fanatic! The bronze pearl is the perfect modern twist on a time honoured style and a real statement without being over the top.
I’m also a real fan of the peacock pearl which changes from blue to black to green depending on the lighting and is almost hypnotic to watch. If you prefer something lighter and fresher, then the blush pink colour is also a stunning option.
The other great way to wear pearls is to think about sizing. Rather than go for a typical size, teenie tiny ones look beautiful layered up around your wrist or neck. The Long Pearl & Disc necklace I’m wearing is about as fresh a take as you can get on the whole pearl look.
3) Black
If in doubt wear black. Channel my favourite Audrey Hepburn look in cropped black trousers and ballet shoes or stick to a classic Little Black Dress. No matter what it is, if it’s in black, you can be sure you’re going to look as elegant and stylish as it gets!

4) Stacking Rings
This may seem like a slightly odd choice but recently I’ve really been enjoying mixing and matching stacking rings, whether it be eternity rings or just a simple band. The more I wear them, the more I realise just how much you can play around with them to create different looks. It’s such an easy and stylish way to bring a little bit more sparkle to your day.
As someone who always likes a twist on a classic I’ve fallen head over heels for London Road Jewellery’s diamond stack rings in either black or cappuccino diamonds. They’re those sort of pieces you’ll invest in now and wear forever!
5) A Shirt
I couldn’t live without a simple button down silk shirt. This cream one I’m wearing has been worn to absolute death and I still can’t bear to throw it away.
I rarely wear a shirt on their own; I much prefer to layer them underneath dresses, jumpers or playsuits. For me, shirts can look very office-centric and this is a more modern and creative way to style them. You still get that tailored and sophisticated feel but it’s been elevated to look much more contemporary and fresh.
Thank you to London Road Jewellery for sponsoring this post and for giving me the opportunity to style and play with so many beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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