Fit for a fairytail: fine jewellery for the Belle of the ball

The new Beauty and the Beast movie is already one of the most talked-about films of the year, starring Emma Watson in what’s billed as a feminist reworking of this classic fairy story.

It inspired us to take a look through our artisan made jewellery and pick out the pieces that speak to us of courageous princesses and timeless tales… here are our top choices to grace any belle of the ball this Spring.

Lunar loves

Princesses don’t always play by the rules… some of them slip out of the palace to dance and make mischief under the full moon. These rose gold disc earrings are spangled with diamonds, giving a glittery contrast to their subtle shimmer.

To capture the prince

Accessorizing glass slippers has got to be a challenge, but these delicate lattice earrings fit the bill perfectly. Guaranteed to stop the handsomest of princes in his tracks, the fine detail on these earrings marks the true heroine of the tale out from the hoi polloi. And with our fine artisan handiwork behind them, they won’t be vanishing at midnight – these beauties are made to last for generations.

Flowers and dreams

The petals of this lily ring are beautifully textured 9 carat rose gold, enclosing the diamonds at the centre. Like Belle, this delicate flower is stronger than it looks (because even the gentlest of princesses has a well of strength she can call on when she needs to).

For the dark forest

9ct Yellow Gold Layered Leaf Pendant Necklace

Wandering through the dark forest, many a heroine fears she’s lost her way – but her inner compass always directs her back to a happy ending. This stunning gold necklace features layers of solid gold leaves with finely textured detailing and fluted edges. A reminder that we can all find ourselves lost in the woods from time to time, but the path we need to follow is written within our hearts.

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